Staying Fit with a BudgetThere are many excuses not to workout and, here at Total Fitness, we believe in facing our excuses head on. So here is one that we can all relate too. Fitness isn’t free. And chances are if you are interested in learning from a certified instructor, that will be the case. But there is no need to pay for every time you want to workout, there are affordable workout choices available and all around – we want you to know about them. For success in reaching your workout goals, it is important that you build a workout routine you enjoy and that you can afford.

Fitness Memberships & Drop – In Exercise Classes

Our Fitness Center in Cambridge, MN strives to offer our memberships as low as we can. Currently, the cost for a monthly membership is $50 which allows you to join in an unlimited amount of our workout classes. No hidden fees or charges. Or you can choose to drop-in for one of our fitness classes for $10.

There are other options for those in Minnesota needing to spend less on fitness but still wanting to workout…

Affordable Workout Options Minnesota

  • Free Cambridge Workouts – Wednesday Nights & Sunday Mornings our trainers go outdoors for their exercise and invite you to come with! We will use the local landscape as our equipment and have fun with others testing endurance levels and improving health. No RSVP needed, just show and it’s a go!
  • Minnesota Trails – According to the Minnesota DNR “there are tens of thousands of miles in Minnesota’s total recreational trail system.” That amount of miles could take you some time and fall in Minnesota is a sight worth admiring, take advantage, grab a two or four-legged friend and go off exploring! While many of these paths may be free, parking may not be so consider having a few bucks on you. Enjoy the weather we are having!
  • Walking the Mall – You’ve seen these people, they have a faster stride, staying to the right and seem to be on a mission that has nothing to do with what is in the mall. It may have even crossed your mind ‘why’? Well, why not! In the winter the beauty of fall freezes over into a dark and cold place you wouldn’t want to get caught far from home in. Do lake where it is warm, large, interesting and free – the mall. It may not be the nature trails in fall but I’m sure you’ll spot an interesting detail or two while you are there.
  • Exercise On Break – Do you go up the elevator to get to you desk or office? Instead use the stairs, it’s a free workout and instead of spending your break surfing the internet you could get a group together to walk the parking lot, stairs or another appropriate area. It may even make the workday seem to go faster.

Staying Fit with a Budget

You can literally take any opportunity in life to exercise a little bit more and it is absolutely free… Park a little farther away, take the long way, bike instead of drive, the list can go on and every little bit helps. If you are interested in learning more about our $50 Monthly Membership or $10 Drop In Exercise Classes stop by our Minnesota fitness center or call us at 763-237-3245.



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