Braham Sports Performance TrainerIt is hard to watch your kid sit on the bench due to sports related injuries. There is a way to help prevent injuries and increase performance potential for your sport’s enthusiastic family members and it is our Athletic Sports Performance Training options available at our fitness location near Braham, MN. So whether it is before, during or after the season – we can help ensure your child stays in the game and without pain. Put your child’s passion for sports to good use and elevate their bodies fitness level, balance, flexibility, speed and even cardiovascular strength. You see the long-term benefits for them and they see a difference in their performance ability. That is what you call a Win: Win.

Your Body’s Strength Matters

Every athlete benefits from added strength. Many of us use the term ‘strength’ to describe a positive attribute and that is exactly what it is, even when pertaining to the body. The stronger your leg muscles are, the longer you can run, without getting sore. The stronger your cardiovascular system, the less winded you will get. The stronger your brain, the more likely it is you will remember things. See the pattern? And the stronger your child is, the more resilient their body will become and therefore strength directly affects sports performance.

Our Sports Performace Training Options include:

  • One-on-One Personal Trainer for Sports Performance – If you are looking for one-on-one time with a personal trainer to help you improve your overall sports performance or even a designated area of your game we can help! Total Fitness has a great team of passionate and certified personal trainers, many of which specialize in Sports Performance. We would love to help you select the right trainer for you.
  • Small Group Lead Sports Performace Sessions – Have a team with big dreams? Bring them to Total Wellness and together we can help inspire their dream and drive their passions towards something fun and good for their body. Our small group sports performance sessions are instructor lead and designed to train with teamwork in mind.

Go For the Gold!

Prevent injuries, increase endurance, strength and up your game in so many more ways with the help from Total Fitness’s Certified Sports Performace Trainers. Drop by our convenient location to talk with someone about your needs and see our fitness center or contact us by phone and set up an appointment for our sports performance training.


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