Best Fitness Classes Fitness is no longer a solitary pursuit. You don’t have to accomplish your goals alone, and you certainly don’t have to confine your exercise routines to hours on the treadmill or doing core exercises on your living room floor. When you join Total Fitness, you’re doing more than getting a gym membership. You’re entering a community that’s filled with supportive staff, great resources, and a community of people working toward the same goals you are; to better themselves physically and mentally. One of the best things we can offer our members is our fitness classes, which include a wide variety of fitness exercises, including yoga, spin classes, aerobics classes, and more! So if you’re looking for the best fitness classes in Cambridge and Braham, Minnesota, look no further.

Advantages of Group Fitness Classes

Getting motivated to go to the gym isn’t easy for anyone. We all have our little tricks and bribes we use to get ourselves dressed for the gym and through those doors to exercise. But when you’re going to group fitness classes, suddenly it’s a lot easier to get yourself moving – because you’re not in this alone. In group fitness classes, you’re surrounded by people who want to help you succeed, and you’ll be led by a trainer who can help you make the most of your workout. Some of our regular group fitness classes include:

Indoor Cycling

Spin has taken off as a popular group fitness class for good reason. It’s a high-energy, fun class that gets you moving and working through a challenging cardio workout. It can be difficult to motivate yourself when biking alone, but in a room full of people trying to accomplish the same thing as you, things suddenly get much easier – and much more enjoyable!

Yoga Classes

Whether you’re practicing mindfulness, need a way to relax, or want to burn some calories with a low-impact, calming exercise routine, yoga is the way to go. With several types of yoga classes, you choose the intensity and type of workout you want.

Core and Conditioning Classes

Building strength in your core? Getting fit for something specific? Core and conditioning classes can help you accomplish just that through targeted exercise routines.

Cardio and Strength-Building Classes

We offer a range of cardio and strength-building classes, which you can choose from based on your current fitness level, your fitness goals, and your strengths and limitations.

If you think Total Fitness might be the right place for you to find Cambridge and Braham, fitness classes, contact us today at (763) 237-3245 to learn more about what sets our classes apart!

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