Eat breakfast daily to kick start your metabolism.

┬áRemember when your mother always said “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? Well, in this case, mother was right. According to the National Weight Control Registry, you have a 78% greater chance to keep the weight off once lost, if you are eating breakfast. If you skip breakfast daily, your metabolism works at a slower, more sluggish rate throughout the day… burning less calories and storing more fat. Starting your day without breakfast is similar to trying to start your car without gas. You need fuel to energize yourself for your day. And make sure you add some protein to your healthy breakfast (not pop tarts or donuts!).

If you cannot stomach breakfast early, start small (piece of fruit or 1/2 a protein bar) and work your way backwards. I mean if the first time you are now eating is 12noon, start eating at 11:30am for one week. Once you are used to that, eat at 11am for the next week, and so on. Working your way back until you reach the time approximately 1 hour after waking up.

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