Fitness Camp CambridgeAround this time of year, everyone talks about wanting to get in shape and also losing a ton of weight. At Total Fitness in Cambridge, MN, we make it insanely easy. Not only do we want you to shed those extra pounds, we want everyone walking into Total Fitness to walk out feeling stronger and healthier than ever! How is this possible? If you’ve ever done Boot Camp at Total Fitness, then you already know!

What does our boot camp entail?

It’s funny how the first thing people always ask is, “well, what do I have to do?” We aren’t going to lie, Boot Camp is challenging! We want everyone in our boot camps to push themselves hard but also at a safe and healthy level. Ultimately, this type of hard work leads to fat loss, muscle gain, and a irreplaceable confidence! We help you to achieve your goals by breaking down your workouts into three main categories:

● Cardiovascular
● Strength
● Flexibility

Total Fitness Boot Camp also will perform assessments and measurements so that you too can see the progress you’ve made! It is a fun, supportive and motivating environment that is worth every drop of sweat that falls to the ground.

Who leads Total Fitness Boot Camp?

Total Fitness Boot Camp is group fitness but it is also personal training. With both being grouped into one, we only have the best staff on the floor guiding and motivating you to push yourself. Our certified trainers all have a passion for health, nutrition and exercise and come with many years of experience in both personal training and instructed classes.


This part is our favorite. In nutrition and health, it’s always fun to get to see some results. Our boot camp is a 6 week program that can include 12 or 18 sessions. In those 6 weeks, through fat loss and muscle gain, our client’s lose about 3-5 pounds on average. They also lose approximately 3-6 inches around their waste. All of these results, however, depend on various factors. Things like your initial body fat percentage, age, sex, genetics, and nutrition can play a large role in your results. Many of our clients have been so satisfied with their initial results that they decide to stay engaged in our Boot Camp and do it all over again!

Total Fitness Boot Camp is a great program for all shapes and sizes. If you are ready to increase your strength and decrease some fat, contact Total Fitness today! Located in Cambridge, MN, contact us at (763) 237-3245.

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