Fitness Boot Camp = RESULTS!

Group Classes: Supportive & Motivational Environment

Boot Camp Group Training Cambridge MNThere’s no question that boot camp is a challenging endeavor. You will have to face yourself and push yourself more than you ever have before. The Total Fitness Boot Camp is designed to teach you how to push hard while staying healthy. Now that you’ve made the choice to get fit, burn off fat, and build strong muscles, you need to exercise properly to avoid injury. And with our certified personal trainers you can do just that.

Total Fitness Boot Camp accommodates all fitness levels. Each boot camp has individuals with different needs and goals so we offer regressions, progressions, and modifications – making sure that every boot camper is challenged at their level. At every class you will do a variety of exercises that work the entire body and build a strong core. The Total Fitness boot camp is unique in that it fuses together the best of group  fitness and elements personal training.

Boot Camp Includes

  • Personal Fitness Boot Camps MN11 week program
  • Two Time Options Available
    • M/Th – 5:00am or T/Th 6:30pm
  • Cardiovascular, Strength, & Flexibility Training
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Measurements before & after
  • InBody Scan before & after
  • Pictures before & after
  • Weekly check-in with team leader
  • Accountability with fitness schedule and attendance
  • Unlimited Fitness Classes
  • Certified Personal Trainer as your Team Leader

Results in 11 Weeks

Results vary dependent on client’s body fat, age, sex, metabolism, genetics, nutrition, and activity levels outside of boot camps. This is what you can expect as an average:

Boot Camp Group Classes MN Average weight loss of 3-5 pounds
• Average inches lost of 3-6 inches
• Average increase in strength 30-35%
• Average increase in endurance 8-15%

And the second time around it gets even better!

Boot Camp Testimonial
“The thought of joining “Boot Camp” was not only intriguing and exciting, but it was also scary! I had been on a fitness journey for a number of years, losing and gaining weight, trying to run, and generally moving towards a place of greater fitness, but something was always missing. Total Wellness’ Boot Camp filled in that missing piece and their well organized/combination program of strength, cardio, endurance and nutrition has changed my journey in ways I could have never foreseen.

Prior to Boot Camp, I wasn’t able to rid the pounds or get to the fitness level at which… Read more…

Total Fitness is located in Cambridge, MN and many of our fitness boot camp participants come from around the area, including Isanti, Braham, Bethel, East Bethel, and Ham Lake.

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