Cambridge MN GymFor many people, starting a workout routine is not a challenge, but continuing a workout routine is difficult. When the holidays are here and festivities are here, it is easy to stay inside and eat all those delicious treats, but staying fit is important and here we will give you some ideas on how to stay motivated!


One of the best ways to continue to stay fit, is ask someone else to hold you accountable. This can be done in a multitude of ways. Finding a fitness partner is a great option, but the risk of that is, if that person quits you may quit as well. Signing up for a class or even having a loved one that will encourage you are great ways. Even with the wonders of technology, having a fitbit can help remind you that you have not met your daily goal. Even facebook groups, and being involved in the fitness world can help keep you motivated on a daily basis!

The Path that Causes The Least Amount of Resistance

Many people feel resistant and avoid working out. Many people make excuses for working out and it’s easy to tell yourself, oh I have to go home before I go to the gym, I have to do this, and I have to do that and it becomes easy to not make your daily exercise happen. Do your best to help limit this.

For example: if you workout in the evening make sure before you go to work your workout bag is with you so you do not have to go home to grab it. If early morning exercise if your jam, then sleep in your gym clothes or lay them out at night. Find a gym that is close to either your home or work. It is easy to not go if it’s out of the way. Keep some fitness equipment at home, so even if you miss the gym you can at least get a little exercise in to keep you on routine.

Minimize Fitness

Many people believe that they have to have a really intense and strenuous routine to see results. If you believe that workouts have to be extremely long, and terribly hard, it is easy to not do them. While it’s nice to be able to commit to an hour long training session when time allows, this isn’t always possible. Further, we fall into the trap of thinking that if we can’t do said training session, we might as well not do it all. So rather than commit to hour long workouts, consider 30 minutes or even less. If all you’ve got is 10 minutes, use those 10 minutes to move, because all of it counts!

Make The Reason You Workout About You!

Oftentimes we feel pressure from society to look a certain way, to have that “ideal” body. When it comes to working out it needs to be about improving your health, self esteem and feeling good. Many people find themselves competing with others, and making the workout about something rather than physical fitness. If you can learn to move and exercise for the sake of movement and to view fitness as a means of self-care and a method of honoring our bodies, we can begin to overcome this resistance.

When it comes to Total Fitness, we are here to help motivate you, keep you going and make your life healthier. We want to encourage you to keep moving. If you are seeking a great gym that will keep you fit, or help you achieve fitness, we are here for you!

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