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Increase Sports Performance with a Personal Trainer

Increase Sports Performance with a Personal TrainerIf you are serious about the sport or sports you play, it is very likely true that you are interested in improving your performance — and getting even stronger. Our team at Total Fitness believes that we can help you do just that. Our entire staff is committed to helping you achieve the results you are looking for. We never want anyone who loves their sport to feel like they have already peaked.

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Athlete Performance Training MN

Athlete Performance Training from Personal Trainers in Cambridge MNEvery athlete goes through trials and tribulations during their career. If you’re an athlete looking to exceed your current athletic performance level, consider athlete performance training at Total Fitness. Whether you are a high school athlete or a professional in your fifties, proper training is crucial to any sport and at Total Fitness, we aim to help you reach every goal you set for yourself.

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Spring Weight Loss

It is springtime and the weather is finally getting nice. Total Fitness can help you enjoy the improved weather and all of the things that come with it including trips to the beach or lake, hikes with your family and even doing yard work. If you are looking to lose...
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Should I Do Cardio First or Weight Training First?

At Total Fitness, we get questions every day from our clients around fitness. The good news is that our experience and certifications allows us to answer some of the difficult fitness questions that you may not be able to figure out on your own. One common question...
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Personal Fitness Boot Camp

Have you been going to the gym regularly to exercise, but just don’t see many positive results? Often times, if individuals don’t notice any results when it comes to their exercise routine, many give up and go back to their lifestyle where health isn’t a priority....
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Cambridge Personal Fitness Trainer

How many times have you woken up on New Year’s Day and thought I’m going to get fit this year? We’ve all been there, thinking we’re at the top of our game, the most motivated we’ll be all year, and the most driven to actually accomplish the long list of goals we...
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