Total Fitness of Cambridge, MN, is committed to creating a culture of fitness. One aspect of Total Fitness’s approach to this goal is to offer customized programs for companies, corporations, and other organizations. The underlying rationale for the Corporate Wellness component of Total Fitness’s offering is based on the established fact that organizational productivity increases when employees are healthier. The company that demonstrates caring for its employees not only sees increases in productivity, it sees greater employee loyalty, which decreases attrition and turnover, which in turn adds to the company’s profitability.

Benefits Of Offering Wellness Options For Your Employees

If you are in a position to establish a contract with a fitness organization for your employees, Total Fitness would be an excellent place to start. Total Fitness’s experienced staff has a product—fitness—that can and will benefit your long-term profitability. Happy and healthy employees lead to healthy and stronger bottom lines.
The benefits of incorporating corporate wellness into your company include:

  • Healthier, happier, and more energetic employees
  • A reduction in the total number of sick days taken by employees
  • Reduced insurance claims and associated costs
  • Greater overall satisfaction among employees with their jobs
  • Customized Corporate Wellness Options To Meet Your Needs

It should be noted that Total Fitness does not just offer one specific program for companies. Instead, Total Fitness will work with you to design a program that works for everyone involved, from the company level down to the individual level. One important aspect of this feature is that Total Fitness can design it such that your fitness activities take place either at Total Fitness’s facility or on the premises of your company. Not many other fitness providers offer such a flexible option.

Customizing corporate wellness programs is not easy, but because it fits with the overall philosophy of Total Fitness, we take pride in helping you create a culture of health and fitness in your company so that you can maximize your productivity and profitability.Our staff is exceptionally well prepared to work with you to design the program or programs that will work best for you. Not only are we flexible, we are very well trained in the health and fitness profession. You can be confident that the work you will be doing with Total Fitness will have positive effects. Your employees will appreciate your commitment to their health and wellness, and you will very likely see a greater level of satisfaction among them as a result.

Show Your Commitment To Your Staff

If you want your company to succeed in the long run, making an investment in your employees will demonstrate the depth of that commitment. They will benefit and your company will benefit as well. Call Total Fitness at 763-237-3245 for more information.

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