kickboxing classes Twin Cities MNAlthough exercise is a personal commitment that you have to make, you don’t have to tackle the fitness regimen on your own. Exercise classes are a great way to meet new people that have the same health goals and objectives as you. If you are in the Braham, MN area, and are interested in finding exercise classes that are challenging, fun and engaging, look no further than Total Fitness. Our team has a passion for making exercise something that is fun and contagious rather than an activity that you dread each time you walk into the gym.

Exercise Class Options

Fitness Classes Cambridge MNAt Total Fitness, variety is one of our greatest features as a fitness provider. We understand that our members may be at various levels of fitness ranging from beginners to highly experienced athletes. Some of our clients are interested in cardio, while others are trying to bulk up and add muscle. Whatever it is that you are looking for with your exercise regimen, we’ve got you covered! In fact, our fitness instructors at Total Fitness offer between 25-30 exercise classes each week, so there is sure to be something that strikes your interest. Some of the common exercise classes that we offer include:

  • Yoga
  • Kickboxing
  • Step Aerobics
  • Core & Conditioning
  • Rockin’ Strength
  • Many more!

TRX Training

At Total Fitness, we are not set in our ways when it comes to the types of exercise classes that we offer our members. One relatively new type of training that we offer is TRX Training. This exercise program is a body weight suspension system developed by a former Navy Seal. Using TRX straps that hang from the ceiling, you are suspended in air and working directly against your own body weight. This helps you develop stability, balance, flexibility, and strength. This total body exercise doesn’t allow for you to engage in any wasted movements during the exercise class.

Cardio Cycling Class

Spin /Cycling Classes MNOne great way to engage in a cardio workout through an exercise class setting is by trying out our cardio cycling classes at Total Fitness. Also known as spin class, this intense cardio exercise is great for those dealing with hip or knee injuries. Cycling classes can help you build endurance, leg strength and can also help you lose weight.

When it comes to exercise, think outside of the box. Fitness doesn’t have to be boring and something that you don’t look forward to. Instead, consider trying an exercise class at Total Fitness. If you are in the Braham, MN area, take advantage of the many exercise classes that we have to offer our members. To learn more about these exercise classes, give us a call today at (763) 237-3245 or email

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