Boot Camps CambridgeIt’s time to get out the sunscreen, bug spray and flip-flops and hit the beach. Are you Beach Body Ready? If you are like most people in the Cambridge MN area then you most likely have some work to do in order to more feel comfortable in a bathing suit. Perhaps you would like to lose a few pounds or gain muscle mass or simply improve your cardiovascular health. 6 Week Boot Camp Options at Total Fitness (Total Fitness) can be customized to your individual fitness level and fitness goal.

Our Next Boot Camps Start June 6th!

6 Week Boot Camp

Don’t be afraid of the term Boot Camp. At Total Fitness, our fitness trainers understand that every body is different. Our 6 Week Boot Camp accommodates individuals of all fitness levels in a fun and supportive way. You can challenge yourself to become more fit and active without the risk of injury from going it alone.

Results Driven Exercise Programs

Get the results you are looking for in an exercise program that is best suited to your goals. Each boot camp participant becomes part of a team and each team member fills out a goal worksheet. Instructors tailor workouts to meet the needs of each 6 Week Boot Camp Team. We will help you measure your individual results through periodic assessments that evaluate weight loss, endurance and strength.

Boot Camp Times/Options Cambridge MN

Find a Boot Camp Option in Cambridge MN that works with your schedule. TCW provides 2 day and 3 day workout options within each 6 weeks period. There are four different time slots to choose from, starting with early morning and ending with later evening. It’s easy to see why boot camp team members can see wonderful results in 12 or 18 sessions during the six weeks with our wonderful fitness instructors.

  • 5:30 am classes on Monday & Wednesday & Friday mornings
  • 7:30 pm classes on Monday & Wednesday evenings
  • 4:00 pm classes on Tuesday & Thursday afternoons
  • 6:30 pm classes on Tuesday & Thursday evenings

Supportive Motivating Fitness Trainers

Never sell yourself short! You can feel good about your fitness accomplishments no matter when your journey begins. Total Fitness is conveniently located in Cambridge MN. Our staff is made up of supportive and motivating fitness trainers that know how to get results. Sign up for a fun and challenging 6 Week Boot Camp today and be proud of the way you look and feel this swimsuit season.

Contact Total Fitness in Cambridge MN and register for one of our Boot Camp Options that is right for you. Stop in or Call: (763) 237-3245.

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