Fitness Classes Isanti County MNLooking to workout more? Total Fitness has all the Fitness Classes you need to stay fit and the certified instructors that will gently guide you through routines, new exercise and experienced because that is what our team loves to do! Our Isanti Fitness Center is full of life, passion and love, we have chosen careers in fitness in efforts to show the world what a powerful tool exercise can be for your body, mind and spirit. Burn Calories, Boost Metabolism, Increase Energy Levels and maintain the health of your body by exercising regularly. This doesn’t have to be a chore, in fact, you’ll find that with more exercise in your life, less things will seem to be a chore.

Group Fitness Classes in Isanti County MN

  • Cardio – Get your heart pumping in one of our fun-filled cardio classes. Cardio class is designed to get your heart pumping at a healthy and elevated level. Exercising is great for all muscles – when executed properly. Did you know your heart was a muscle too? It is true! Come work it out with our spontaneous and passionate team at Total Fitness.
  • Strength – Exercising gives your body strength, from the inside out. From the heart muscle to your biceps, your body will benefit from added strength with regular, targeted exercises and our Personal Trainers can help you get the best results from our strengthening classes.
  • Yoga – Sometimes finding your quiet space becomes hard with all the responsibilities a day brings. Yoga classes can help you find that center, strengthen your body and quiet the mind.
  • Step Aerobics – Get those legs in shape and burn some calories with this classic workout style. Our instructor ensure no two classes are the same and the pace is upbeat and form is complete.
  • Cardio Kickboxing – Have fun, lift those legs, learn some jabs and enjoy yourself in a group pushing the limits and burn those calories.

Register Online Today or Stop by our Isanti County Fitness Center! We would love to talk to you about our Unlimited Fitness Class Membership for only $50 a month which gives you access to 18-22 fitness, strength & yoga classes to choose from. If you would prefer, all of our Isanti Fitness Classes allow anyone to drop in and experience the class and our fitness center for only $10. Just be sure to check our Fitness Class Schedule before you arrive, it is as simple as that!



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