Fitness & Lifestyle Coach MNMaking good fitness and lifestyle choices doesn’t just change your physical form, no, it is much, much deeper than that. Our Fitness and Lifestyle Coaches in Cambridge, MN will help you see, first hand, what living healthy and staying fit can do for you! If living longer, being happier, more mobile and energized sounds good to you, contact our Fitness & Lifestyle Coaches today.

Why Is Exercise Important?

It is almost too easy to sit on the couch, grub on some finger foods and get sucked into the entire series of Stranger Things. But the truth is, many prestigious medical centers, such as the Mayo Clinic and resources such as the American Heart Association continue to communicate the need for regular physical activity. It is recommended for the average American to get 2.5 hours of moderate exercise a week, at least, to stay healthy. Regular exercise has also been proven to increase your life expectancy – drastically. Who wouldn’t want all that?!

Why Is Nutrition Important?

In this society many live to eat, it is easy to see why – we are constantly being bombarded with food and it is not just any type of food. There is an abundance of unhealthy food everywhere. Down the block you probably have the convenience of Mc Donalds, each commercial you watch has greasy, oversized portions that make you want to drool(I drool too!). But the truth is your body doesn’t need all that. Food is life. It is the fuel we need to function. Our body needs certain minerals, fat, carbs, vitamins, amino acids and more to survive. Something that over processed, deep fried foods can’t give us.

How a Wellness Coach can help with Fitness & Nutrition Changes

We will work with you to find a realistic Nutrition & Fitness Plan that Works for You! The most important aspect of trying to improve your health and wellness is to find an approach you can live with. Each and every individual is different, which is why each and every Fitness & Nutrition Plan Devised by our Wellness Coach is unique. We don’t have a One-Size-Fits-All mindset at all because that doesn’t show results with near the same intensity.

Are you Ready for a Life Transformation? Our Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaches will work with you to not only find healthy, regular fitness & nutritional guidelines you are excited to follow but also Identify Triggers that steer you off your desired path to bettering your health and extending your life. Get in contact with us today by stopping by our Cambridge, MN location or calling (763) 237-3245.



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