New Years Resolutions & Fitness MNWhen you decide to workout and diet, you cannot expect to go from 0 to 100. You wouldn’t walk into second grade and take an exam on calculus. Dieting and working out needs to be treated like a subject. You have to learn and as time goes on you improve and can take on bigger challenges. When the holidays are approaching in Minnesota it is easy to get out of shape, eat unhealthy and fall into an unhealthy lifestyle. As we reach to create new habits and get on a path to living a healthy life we need to adjust to this lifestyle and start small.

When you start to workout and diet, you may feel like you are on this great path of success. You start strong, you go to the gym several times a week, maybe even every day, you diet like crazy and are consuming tons of “superfoods”. 4 weeks come around and you have lost motivation. You make excuses to go home instead of the gym, one cheat days turns into everyday.

Holiday Weight Loss

So why did this happen? Well your brain that controls willpower is the same part of your brain that handles your day-to-day tasks, short-term memory, and focus. It’s gets overpowered. If you really want to transform your body, the most important plan starts not with your body or meal plan, but instead an approach that will strengthen your mind.

Weight loss Goals

What you need to do to help overcome this is commitment. If you write down your goal and make a commitment to yourself or someone else there is a great chance that you will most likely follow through with your goal.Research from the British Journal of Health Psychology shows that if you make a commitment you are 35% more likely to achieve your goal. This shows that for many people, this is a necessary step to make your fitness goal a reality.

At Total Fitness in Cambridge we will work with you to make your fitness goal your reality. Committing to a personal trainer, a workout class or a boot camp will significantly keep you motivated and continuing to come. All our staff are great, hardworking and have committed their life to help others reach their optimal health. We have a great staff that will make sure to keep you comfortable, on track and wanting to come back. If you are looking to stay or get fit during this holiday season then Total Fitness is here for you.

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