Exercise Classes CambridgeAre you looking to get fit, live healthier and meet a few people trying to do the same? If you are in the Cambridge, MN area consider trying Total Fitness’s Group Exercise Classes.  With an affordable membership monthly membership, you have the choice to choose from our many fitness classes, such as aerobics, yoga, cardio and even kickboxing. Our fitness center in Cambridge, MN provides the tools to help our members reach their health and fitness goals. Come in and get that much closer to yours!

Group Exercise Programs Offered in Cambridge:

  • Hatha Yoga – The practice of Hatha Yoga not only benefits the body, it aims to restore balance to spirit and mind. When led by a certified instructor, proper techniques once learned can be utilized anywhere.
  • Rockin’ Strength – Bring it up a notch with our Rockin’ Strength classes. Also lead by a certified fitness instructor, this exercise program focuses on increasing your body’s strength, will also having a good time.
  • Core & Conditioning – Strengthening the core of your body improves more than just your stomach’s look, it helps prevents and alleviates painful back issues, leads to improved posture and better balance. There are many types of exercises used to strengthen a body’s core, contact our fitness center and get familiar with them.
  • Vinyasa Yoga – This yoga practice focuses around both breath and movement. Vinyasa yoga follows a pattern of yoga positions that are released in sequence with the flow of breath which will help when smoothly transitioning from one pose to the next.
  • Step Aerobics – Choreographing movements onto a stationary and raised platform in an up down program would be a great cardiovascular exercise such as Step Aerobics.
  • Cardio Kickboxing – A great way to get in shape while taking out some un needed stress would be Cardio Kickboxing. You can stay safe while increasing your heart rate and learning self-defense.
  • Yoga Core Fusion – Toning your core has never felt so good with Yoga Core Fusion. This program that is instructed by certified and professional trainers will increase your cardio endurance and help assist you in finding inner calm and balance.
  • Gentle Yoga Stretch – Gentle Yoga Stretching works great to lose weight and focus on your core and thighs. Having professional yoga teachers guiding you properly will greatly improve your posture and benefits that come along with mastered way of gentle yoga stretch.

Cambridge Fitness Center Classes

Our fitness center has 18 to 20 classes a week, instructed by certified fitness professionals and you can pick or choose your workouts. Let us help you get to the healthiest part of your life. Come to our Cambridge Fitness Center for instructor lead exercise classes or give us a call today (763) 237-3245!

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