Group Fitness Classes CambridgeAt Total Fitness, we really do believe in helping you achieve total fitness. That means physical and mental fitness through exercise programs that help your body and mind be the best they can be. Our fitness classes, training programs, personal trainers and nutritionists can help you achieve your health goals, whether they be increasing your strength, energy, or fitness levels, or all three! We can help you create personalized fitness goals based on your lifestyle, your ambitions, and your needs.

If you’re looking for a Cambridge or Braham, MN fitness center that can help you reach your desired fitness levels, check out our services!

• Get Inspired with Individual and Small Group Personal Trainer Sessions
Working with a personal trainer isn’t just about motivation. Though that’s a great benefit of working with a trainer, you’re getting more than their support; you’re getting their expertise. A personal trainer works with individuals or groups to create detailed exercise plans targeting the areas of your body you need to work on most. They can also help you learn how to do exercises safely, correctly, and effectively so that you’re getting the most out of your workouts.
• Getting Fit with Group Fitness Classes
Group fitness can be a fun way to get through your workouts, and our classes offer a variety of exercise routines and types so that you’re never bored of your workouts!
• Full-Body Wellness Yoga
Yoga is more than a physical workout; it’s a way to exercise your mind, as well. Nothing says full-body wellness like a yoga class!
• Building Endurance with Spin Classes
Indoor cycling classes are a high-energy way to get your cardio in and socialize! Cycle through your workout with a class leader and your fellow cyclers, who will motivate you as much as you motivate them!
• Boot Camp Programs for Fast Results!
Our fitness boot camps are intensive and targeted toward fast fitness results. If you’re looking to lose weight or build strength fast in an environment intended for quick returns, boot camps may be for you – but don’t just stop your progress there once you’ve made great headway! Use it as an advantage, and dedicate yourself to your long-term fitness.
• Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Achievable Fitness Goals That Are Healthy

Everyone needs a little help making and keeping their fitness goals, and working with nutrition and lifestyle coaches can help you set achievable fitness goals that are healthy without being impossible. You can set goals for eating, including your diet and eating schedule, exercise routines, lifestyle changes, and more.

When you’re ready to start your journey toward increasing your fitness levels, talk to our trainers about how you can increase strength, build endurance, make changes to your nutrition and lifestyle, and promote your own full-body wellness. Our Cambridge and Braham, Minnesota fitness experts at Total Fitness are here to help make sure you do more than set your goals this year. If you actually want to reach those goals, call us today at (763) 237-3245.

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