Treadmill or Jogging?If running is your preferred form of exercise? Or, are you new to running? Running is an excellent aerobic exercise that can prevent high blood pressure, increase bone density, decrease stress and can help with overall weight control. Is it better to jog on a treadmill or outdoors? In reality, there are pros and cons for both. Here are some reasons why treadmill running might be perfect for you:

1. You can run on your own schedule: Treadmill running allows you to run in the early morning or night when it is dark, and when temperatures are extremely cold or hot. You do not have to alter your schedule because of rain or snow. This means you may actually log in more miles over the course of the year.
2. Safety: If you run on a treadmill, you do not have to worry about the dangers of traffic, potholes, running alone, or an unexpected detour that takes you off your path.
3. Easier on your body: Treadmills offer better shock absorption than the pavement, which puts less stress on your knees, ankles and feet. The smooth surface of a treadmill also decreases the likelihood that you will trip and fall.
4. Control your workout: When you work out on a treadmill, you can monitor your speed as well as the incline. This is an excellent way to monitor your workouts as you work toward a desired goal. You can gather specific data on your progress.
5. Push Yourself: Being in a climate controlled indoor setting and having access to specifics about your speed and incline, you can decide how to push yourself – by completing speed or incline intervals.

Develop a Treadmill Training Program

The team at Total Fitness can help you develop a treadmill training program that meets your fitness and health needs. You can achieve your goals, whether you are brand new to running or have been running for years. Our staff will help you define your goals and come up with a reasonable plan that you can achieve without injury or pain. Our fitness center is built around a community and you will feel connected with our staff as well as other clients when you come to Total Fitness. We make every effort to keep you comfortable while you are in our facility – and we have state of the art treadmills that will track your every step! For more information, call us today at 763-237-3245.

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