Personal Training CambridgeNow is the perfect time to think about making lifestyle changes to improve your overall health. Many individuals make New Year’s resolutions each January and, unfortunately, do not meet their goals. It is easy and common to lose enthusiasm once the grind of everyday life sets in. So, maybe this year is the year to take a new approach to achieve your goal. A personal trainer can help integrate nutrition and exercise to maximize the benefit on your overall health. Total Fitness serves the Braham, Cambridge, Isanti and East Bethel, MN and can help you reach optimal wellness. What this actually means may be different for you than for your fitness partner, neighbor or friend. Our team will tailor a plan that will work for you and help you achieve the health and fitness goals you have identified for yourself.

Benefits of a Lifestyle Coach

The Total Fitness Lifestyle Coaches will help you identify small, manageable and healthy changes that you can incorporate into your everyday life on a long term basis. This can include healthy eating habits, an exercise regime, and support along the way. A lifestyle coach can also help you confront any negative feelings you have about yourself and any perceived failures you have not let go of. You can finally build new and healthier habits.

Achieving optimal wellness can mean different things to different people. Our team at Total Fitness believe that the following components can go a long way toward achieving your wellness goals:

1. Wellness starts with good nutrition;
2. Focus on the basics: drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables;
3. Cut down on sugar and unhealthy fats;
4. Incorporate exercise into your daily life.

Customized Exercise and Nutrition Plan

Total Fitness will focus on your unique needs. If your blood pressure is elevated, we will help you develop a plan to work to bring it down and if you are trying to lose weight, we can help with that as well. Nutrition and exercise can help you do all of these things – and will improve your overall health, reduce the risk of illness, increase your overall energy level and alter your body fat composition.

When you decide to work with a Lifestyle Coach at Total Fitness, you will gain a partner in your wellness plan. This may mean regular conversations, meetings, exercise sessions to help keep you motivated, positive and moving forward. For more information about working with a Lifestyle Coach at Total Fitness, call us at (763) 237-3245.

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