Cambridge, MN Lifestyle Fitness TrainerThe best part about what we do here in Cambridge, MN at Total Fitness is bring people in who courageously want to work on being their best. While we may see you coming in and out of the gym a few times a week, we know that your commitment to your health doesn’t just end when you walk out the door. When you work with one of our lifestyle fitness trainers, they will discuss both your temporary and long term goals and then help you work to achieve them. Lifestyle fitness trainers are a special bread, and are not here for just one season, they are here to help you succeed in life. In fact, some of our trainers started out as clients here in our facility. It all starts with a free consultation.

Working with a Certified Personal Trainer

According to a recent study of those that are exercising, 75% of them aren’t even achieving the results that they want. Fascinatingly enough, 90% of the remaining 25% that did achieve their results were working with a Certified Personal Trainer. Whether you come into the gym focused and ready to work-out or you come in sluggish and tired, your trainer is there to help you become victorious with your fitness goals. They are certified to help you in the gym with your strength, endurance, power, cardiovascular exercise and your flexibility training. At Total Fitness, our lifestyle fitness trainers go a step further beyond the mold.

Nutritional Training

When you are working with our lifestyle trainers, we like to cover all aspects of your lifestyle. Food and nutrition makes up 80% of a person’s fitness results and can be a make it or break it factor for your goals. Quality nutrition is something that everyone strives for. Our lifestyle trainers can design a nutrition plan that will help you achieve your goals and meet your individual needs in a healthy way. We handle all different types of health conditions and fitness levels. Whether you are looking to lower your cholesterol levels or tone your body, our trainers starts with nutrition.

Lifestyle Fitness Trainer Cambridge, MN

Having a lifestyle fitness trainer not only keeps you accountable at the gym and in the kitchen but also in your day-to-day life. Our trainers will listen to your life and take into account your schedule. We want to know about you so that we can help you work in meaningful, physical activity into your daily life. Knowing your habits and keeping you accountable is one of the greatest ways to reach your goals.

Want to learn more about Total Fitness and our lifestyle fitness trainers? Call us today and meet us for a free consultation. We can do this in person or on the phone. Call Total Fitness today at (763) 237-3245 or email

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