New Years Resolutions & Fitness MNDid you know that the most common New Year’s Resolution is to stay healthy and fit? It is true and if you are one of the many looking to step it up in 2017, check out the New Cambridge Specialty Fitness Courses at our Minnesota Fitness Center. This year our specialty classes are new and quite the variety, just the way we like it! From Guided Relaxation, Essential Oils and Yoga to Kangaroo Dance – we are dedicated to making it easy for you to find a way to exercise and love it. This may just be your healthiest New Years Resolution Yet!

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New Cambridge Minnesota Specialty Fitness Classes 2017

  • January 8th – February 12th: Peeling The Layers – This 6-week course is an hour long commitment each Sunday between 3:30 – 4:30 to releasing old habits and build new. This $90 guided relaxation 6-week course is aimed to help lower stress levels, quiet the mind and allow you to find tranquility in yourself and the moment.
  • January 20th – February 24th: Kangaroo Dance –  We are excited to Kangaroo! Are you? This is a fun 6-week cardiovascular class. Join us Fridays at 5:15 – 6:15 pm and burn more calories than you can in your sneakers, cut the impact on your joints more than half and give this spunky exercise, from the 90’s, the attention it deserves. The Kangaroo course costs $60. If you don’t already have Kangaroo Boots you can rent them from us for an additional $60 through the course. They retail about $200.
  • February 1st – March 8th: Fine-Tune your Yoga Practice – Yoga is a practice that gives back. This 6-week Yoga Course is designed to optimize pose alignment and technique. We have two Wednesday classes at 4-5pm & 6:30 – 7:30 they are both an investment of $90.

Check out our 2 Hour Wellness Workshops Too!

Put the New Year’s Hype to Good Use!

Each year we strive to set a new goal, why not make that goal fun! Quitting smoking sucks but it makes it easier, more enjoyable and effective if you swap one habit for another and we promise you none of our classes costs as much a month as cigarettes do…. Losing weight and keeping it off can seem near impossible but when you partner with a team of people looking to reach the same goals as you makes it so much better.

It is your choice to become healthier and happier, no one else can choose that for you but we can sure become a positive outlet for future success, come this New Year or any other time.

Happy New Year – Let’s Celebrate!

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