Cambridge MN Personal TrainerLess than a month away, the new year is knocking at our door, which means many of us are setting resolutions and gearing up for a happy and healthy 2018. Whether it’s cleaning up your diet, increasing your dead lift weight, or just looking great at the beach, I’m sure we’re all feeling pretty pumped up and motivated to make our goals a reality! And at Total Fitness we are here to help you achieve them.

For many of us, our health goals are likely related to fitness, which often means committing to a new or more consistent exercise schedule. If you’ve had trouble sticking to a regular routine in the past, we can help suggest a strategy to help you.

Early Workouts Cambridge MN

The best way to kick-start your fitness goals and keep them rolling: Never miss a Monday workout! Committing to your Monday workouts and starting off the week on the right foot is just the motivation you need to stick with your schedule for the rest of the week. Plus, a Monday workout always encourages me to make healthier choices with regard to my meals and snacks, it’s a win-win situation!

I know you guys have heard this tip before, but it is key to fitting in your workouts, especially when life gets busy. I know for me, workouts are always the first thing to go by the wayside when things get hectic. Make sure to schedule your workouts in your week! Some days, it might seem like you don’t have time to work out, but if you make it a priority it will happen, even just a thirty minute work out! If there’s a will, there’s a way! And making a schedule for yourself makes it that much easier to stick to your plan and not miss any workouts.


Yes, maybe the thought of working out in general sounds terrible, but hey find a workout that you love! Many people do not like running, and that is perfectly fine, you can work out and get fit without running at all! Running for hours and hours might not be for you and that’s okay. Not everyone needs to be a runner. If you believe that your workouts need to be focused around activities that you hate, you are far less likely to keep working out, so instead choose to do a workout that you love.

Total Fitness is here to help you achieve your goals and get you back on track for your new year’s resolutions! Let us help you at our inclusive gym. We are a gym that makes everyone feel welcomed no matter what level of fitness you are at! Stop in today and we can start making a plan for you!

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