Fitness & Lifestyle Coach MNAs we sail through another holiday season, the New Year is quickly approaching. The most common New Year’s resolution each and every year is to lose weight (and/or eat more healthily). And, according to US News, over 80% of our New Year’s resolutions fail by February. Here are some tips to help you beat these odds this year:

  1. Focus on a specific fitness goal: Rather than resolving to lose weight or exercise more, consider making a specific fitness goal for yourself. Maybe you finally decide to run a marathon (or a ½ marathon or 5K), so you finally register for one, or maybe you want to exercise a certain number of times a week. Having a date specific goal will make you more likely to achieve it!
  2. Make exercising social: If you and a friend, co-worker or loved one share a fitness goal, you are also more likely to achieve it. Exercising with someone can be a great motivator – and adds an important social component that we all need. Even a virtual exercise group (online or via social media) can help keep you motivated. A personal trainer can also help you meet a certain goal, provide the accountability you need and push you a bit outside of your comfort zone.
  3. Pre-Pay: If you have invested your money into a fitness regimen, you are less likely to let yourself off the hook on the days it is difficult to push through. Purchasing a fitness tracker or other device to help quantify your progress can be a strong motivator as well.
  4. Have fun: Doing something that you enjoy makes it much easier to meet your goal and commitment!

Achieve Your Fitness Goals In 2018 And Beyond

Total Fitness of Cambridge, MN is a fitness center built on the idea is that exercise should be fun and be a place where you feel part of a community. Our fitness professionals are invested in helping our clients meet — and even exceed — their fitness goals. If you are planning to set a weight loss goal for 2018, our team can help. We offer a wide variety of fitness options including personal training, fitness classes, yoga, boot-camp, TRX training, cycling, as specific programs that help clients lose weight. We can help you find the one(s) that are right for you. Our team understands that making a long term commitment to your health and fitness can be hard – and we will help you meet your fitness, strength, weight and energy goals. For more information, or to get started today, call us at 763-237-3245.

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