The goal is progress, not perfection when setting and achieving goals. Pursue excellence and you can

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have peace of mind. Pursue perfection and nothing will ever be good enough. Contentment is the natural result of doing things to the best of your ability and letting go of the outcome.

“We rarely change until the pain of remaining the same becomes greater than the pain of going through the change.” (Kate Larsen) Think on this powerful quote for a moment. If you make a goal and you find yourself consistently sabotaging your efforts to get there, you need to ask yourself – do I really want to change? No one enjoys pain. But until you feel the pain of staying the same (stuck) and that pain is greater than the pain you will incur to implement the change you want (believe me – there is pain to change a person’s lifestyle), you will not experience lasting change. So, this is the starting point for making any lasting lifestyle change.

  1. Write your goals down. Those who succeed are those who have written their goals. Post your goals in a place where you see them daily.
  2. Break your goals into smaller goals. What do you need to do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to achieve your goals?
  3. Recite your goals. This one may seem silly, but reciting our goals out loud is just another way we can encounter and process them. Recite them in the morning and right before bed. Say them out loud as you exercise and certainly remind yourself audibly when you are tempted!
  4. Share your goals. Don’t be afraid to share your goals with others, but make sure they are positive people who will support and encourage you. Don’t share with dream thieves.
  5. Reward your accomplishments. In order to stay on task long-term, you need to reward yourself for the little accomplishments. If you do not, you will find that it becomes too hard and you give up. Next to each goal, write what the reward will be for achieving each step of that goal. Experiment with rewards of a non-food nature. For example, we don’t want to reward ourselves with a candy bar every time we lose 5 pounds.

We cannot control all things in life. However, we can take charge of what we can control, while letting go of the outcomes knowing that we are doing our best. This will bring peace, contentment, and joy to your life, rather than strife and frustration. Small daily choices make a BIG difference. Take charge of your small choices and you will take charge of your life. Remember 1% daily – baby steps. YOU CAN DO IT!

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