Fitness is personal.

At Total Fitness, we start at your personal fitness level.  For some, that is running several miles. For others, that is walking 5 minutes before they are exhausted. Whatever your fitness level, you will feel supported and encouraged to increase that fitness level a little each week. You will be amazed at how fast your body responds to activity and the challenges you place on it!

Making the Right Move

What your body can do right at this moment, what is right for you, that is what we find out.  To get results, you must start moving.  Total Fitness works with you personally to create a plan that considers your current fitness level and pushes you to achieve the results right for you.  Your personal fitness program will combine daily movement, nutrition, and an exercise program that includes cardiovascular training, strength training, and flexibility training.

Start with Fitness Assessments and Measurements

We always start with fitness assessments and measurements so you can see quantitative results. We also start with movement assessments, which identify tight (overactive) and weak (underactive) muscles. We then create an individualized stretching and strengthening program to correct these muscle imbalances, thus preventing possible injury.

Cardiovascular training matching your needs

We use a variety of equipment: elliptical, treadmill, jump-rope, step, body weight, bike, etc. We also vary the intensity with hills, speed, or some of the old-school physical education exercises – remember the ‘burpees’ (now called squat thrusts)? Cardiovascular training will take into account your goals, injuries, and fitness level. For example, if you have knee issues, you will not be doing high impact jumping type exercises! It is all about intelligent progression.

Strength training depends on your goals

  • Build some muscle mass—heavier weights with fewer repetitions.
  • Build muscle endurance—lighter weights with more repetitions.
  • Shed pounds and inches—circuit training program will be most beneficial.

Variety Helps You Achieve your Fitness Goals Faster!

Variety is the spice of life!  It is the number one principle for a successful training program that you can do for life.  Variety in a workout assists with long-term adherence to the program by cutting out the boredom, while increasing enjoyment. It keeps your body from the dreaded “plateau” as our bodies adapt very quickly to the stress put on it. That means that if you have been doing the same workout program with the same weights for the last 3 months or more, you will not be seeing results.

Total Fitness incorporates variety into your workout based on who you are, what you like, and what you need to do to achieve your goals. One of the ways we do this is by using a variety of equipment, such as: BOSU balance trainer, stability balls, resistance bands, dumbbells, body weight, medicine balls, and more.

Now that you’ve learned the general basis to get started with personal fitness, check out which Total Fitness Program is right for you!

Available programs are:

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