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Total Fitness provides sports training for athletes of all ages, competition level, and sport.

Sports Performance Training MNIt makes me incredibly sad and angry to see high school athletes sitting on the sidelines, missing their sports season due to an injury that could have easily been prevented. Many athletes have musculoskeletal imbalances that need to be corrected through a proper, progressive, and integrated stretching and strengthening program. (See Corrective Exercise Training)
Sports TrainingHowever, after those imbalances have been corrected, it is important to follow a progressive, integrated training program to keep athletes of any age performing at their highest level, while minimizing risk of injury. This program will include flexibility, cardio-respiratory, core, balance, plyometric, speed, agility, quickness, and resistance training; and will be designed to optimize the athlete’s performance in their particular sport without over-training, which can easily lead to injury.

Our athletic training programs have helped athletes recover from injuries including plantar fasciitis and ACL damage, as well as knee and shoulder problems. And because we have a shock absorbing floor, fatigue and shock to the joints can be reduced while training at our facility. At Total Fitness, we provide three main types of sports training for athletes, no matter their age or sport:

Strength and Conditioning Programs for Sports Teams

Strength & Conditioning Programs MNBuilding strength and improving conditioning can help every athlete perform better. If you are looking to improve your abilities and take a step towards the next level, then a strength and conditioning program is what you are looking for. For instance, if you play second base and want to make the move to shortstop, improving your arm strength for throwing, as well as your range, would help you accomplish that goal. Or if you want more minutes on the ice, improving your conditioning will help sway your coach for more ice time. No matter what sport you play, a strength and conditioning program can help you improve your abilities.

What makes Total Fitness unique is working together with one team and one coach. For example, a hockey player needs to train totally different than a football player.

One-on-One Training for Athletes

For athletes who want a trainer’s full attention, and a program tailored to their specific sport, strengths, and deficiencies, then a one-on-one program is the route they should go. One-on-one training allows an athlete to have a program designed specifically for that person, and means that the trainer overseeing the program will be right there at all times to correct technique and motor patterns.

Small Group Training for Athletes

Individual & Small Group Athlete Training ProgramsSome athletes don’t require one-on-one training, but instead can get what they need from small group training. If you want to train with a community, or simply don’t need the intensity of one-on-one training, then small group is for you. And you’ll still benefit from the guidance of a certified trainer. Regardless of whether your training is for sports performance as a whole, or a specific event such as a marathon, our athletic training will help you perform better.

Timing is very important for sports training. Although it can be helpful to work with an athlete during their peak season, this can be rather difficult due to the demands of the coach and the event schedule. Thus, it is much better for an athlete to work with us in the off-season. The athlete will have more time and energy and be able to work on areas of weakness to be ready for their next season.

Training Class for High School AthletesFor example, if you are a basketball player who wants to strengthen and protect against ankle and knee issues, it is best to do this before the heavy basketball season starts. We can also work on things like increasing an athlete’s vertical jump, lateral speed, core strength, and balance. All extremely important in the game of basketball and will make the difference between a good player and an excellent player.

Total Fitness is trained to work with athletes of all ages, no matter what their sport. The program will be designed based on the athlete’s goals, time frame, and injuries, if any.

We also work with our athletes on nutrition for optimizing their athletic performance. If you are ready to bring your performance to the next level in your favorite sport, call Total Fitness at 763 237 3245 or fill in the online Questionnaire to get started.

Total Fitness is located in Cambridge, MN, and has many sports training clients from around the area, including Isanti, Braham, Bethel, East Bethel, and Ham Lake.

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