TRX & Contact Kickboxing Classes

TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training Gym MNTRX is a body weight suspension training system that was created and designed by a former Navy Seal. Suspension training uses a TRX strap suspended from the ceiling to allow the student to work against their own body weight. This method allows you to build strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability quickly and easily. Because of its demands on the core, TRX Suspension Training essentially turns every movement into a total-body exercise, reducing the chance of injury, and increasing metabolic rates dramatically.

For Group Classes at Total Fitness, you have a few options based on your usage. Bronze Level is $50/month and gives you up to 12 classes. Silver Level is $75/month and gives you up to 20 classes. Gold Level is $100/month and gives you unlimited classes. We have 25-30 classes/weekly to choose from, including: TRX, Contact Kickboxing, Yoga, Fitness, Strength, Spinning, and more!  You also have the option to drop-in to a class for $10 or purchase a 5 or 10-class package for your classes.

At Total Fitness, we have a shock absorbing floor in our TRX training room. So not only are you able to strengthen your entire body, but you can do so without risk of injury to your joints.

Contact Kickboxing

kick-boxing-fitness-classContact kickboxing is a fun and amazing partner workout that focuses on cardio, strength, and core. Using gloves and pads, you will punch, kick, hook, and uppercut, all while the instructor teaches you the proper techniques. The high intensity intervals of Contact Kickboxing keep you burning fat and calories the whole time. And the physical contact means you will get more out of your workout. This partner workout is guaranteed to include hard work, sweat, laughter, and fun.

At Total Fitness, we have a shock absorbing floor in our TRX training room so not only are you able to strengthen your entire body, but you can do so without risk of injury to your knees and hips.

Minimize Time, Maximize Results

TRX Cross Training ClassesWith TRX you can minimize your training time by working your entire body, and switching from one exercise to the next in just seconds. TRX exercises are designed to engage your core, which means involving the pelvis, abs, back and chest muscles. It is our core that gives the body stability, balance and flexibility. An additional benefit of using gravity and your body weight is that you are able to modify your own personal fitness difficulty just by walking yourself closer or further away from the anchor point of the TRX system.

Contact kickboxing also works your entire body with a strong emphasis on cardiovascular, endurance, core strength, and hand-eye coordination.

Other benefits include:

  • An ultimate body weight workout that increases strength, flexibility, and athletic performance.
  • All levels of fitness benefit from TRX and contact kickboxing.
  • A Total Body workout including speed, agility, stability, balance, core, strength, and flexibility.
  • Recover from injuries including shoulder and lower back problems.
  • Fast, effective, powerful, and fun workout.

Contact us today to get started with TRX suspension training and contact kickboxing. You can strengthen your body and stabilize your core. And you can do it on a shock absorbing floor with a community of other people who simply want to get healthier and improve themselves.

Total Fitness is located in Cambridge, MN and has many TRX training participants from around the area, including Isanti, Braham, Bethel, East Bethel, and Ham Lake.

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