Minnesota Sports Performance Training

According to the law of Specificity the best way to improve at a particular sport is without doubt to partake in that sport.

However, as its not always possible to do this when you want to.  Although it can be helpful to work with an Personal Trainer during the peak season, this can be rather difficult due to the demands of the coach and the event schedule.  It can be better for an athlete to work on their performance in the off-season. The athlete will have more time and energy and be able to work on areas of weakness to be ready for their next season. An athlete on the sidelines cannot help their team win, therefore, injury prevention and correct training take center stage.

Improve Your Speed – Agility -Strength

The aim of a good sport program is to analyze the movements patterns used and work on improving power, strength, speed, endurance, balance , flexibility and coordination, in the specific way the particular sport demands. For example, if you are a basketball player who wants to strengthen and protect against ankle and knee issues, it is best to do this before the heavy basketball season starts. We can also work on things like increasing an athlete’s vertical jump, lateral speed, core strength, and balance. All extremely important in the game of basketball and will make the difference between a good player and an excellent player.

Learn how to improve functional lower body and core strength, as well as working to strengthen connective tissue & joints, and identify and address any imbalances or weaknesses and then progress through to improving performance as required.

Prevent  Sports Injuries & Recover

Every sport has it’s own unique movement patterns, with it’s own particular blend of potential overuse and imbalance problems. If you already play in a sport and are interested in improving your performance, preventing sports related injuries, or perhaps recovering from one, Sports Performance Personal Training can help you. Effectively we aim to assimilate the demands and movements of the sport as closely as possible into a Sport Performance Training Program.

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