Improve Athletic Performance and Prevent Sports Injuries

Exercising gives a lot of benefits and one way of doing that is to engage into sporting activities. Many people participate in sports activities to be able to be physically and mentally fit. However, in addition to its health benefits, sports activities may also lead to injuries. While athletic participation is on the rise, so is the incidence of sports injuries.

Sports and the Incidence of Injuries

Playing sports are liked by many. Some people do it as an exercise, while some people do it as a pleasurable activity. Whatever purpose a person has in playing sports, it always brings the fact that sporting activities provides several health benefits which contribute to his/her physical and mental well-being. Although it may give a lot of health benefits, playing sports can also cause injuries from various causes such as accidents, poor training practices, and using improper gears. Others get hurt because they are not in shape or they were not able to warm up or stretch enough.

As people are increasingly involved in sporting activities, the incidence of sports-related injuries is increasing as well. Some sports injuries can be minor, others can be serious, and others may even result in lifelong problems. Most of these injuries are traumatic, and almost 50% of these injuries are overuse in nature.

The most common sports injuries are the following:

• Sprains and strains
• Knee injuries
• Swollen muscles
• Achilles tendon injuries
• Pain along the shin bone
• Fractures
• Dislocations

Improve Flexibility, Energy, Speed, and Performance

It is important to follow a progressive, integrated training program to keep athletes of any age performing at their highest level, while minimizing risk of injury.  A Sports Training Program will include flexibility, cardiorespiratory, core, balance, plyometric, speed, agility, quickness, and resistance training; and will be designed to optimize the athlete’s performance in their particular sport without overtraining, which can easily lead to injury.

Many professional and competitive athletes know the value of getting a Personal Trainer to  improve flexibility, energy, speed, to improve athletic performance, as well as prevent sports injuries.

Total Fitness is trained to work with all athletes of all ages, no matter what their sport. The program will be designed based on the athlete’s goals, time frame, and injuries, if any.

If you are ready to bring your performance to the next level in your favorite sport, call Total Fitness at 763 237 3245 or fill in the online Questionnaire to get started.

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