Weight Loss Programs MNWant to know how to lose weight and boost your health at the same time? It is a combination of diet and exercise and anyone can do it, but they have to want it bad enough. If you are ready to challenge yourself and reach your own personal goals, the team at Total Fitness can help. We have personal trainers and nutritionists that encourage you and help guide you on your journey. You are what you believe, align your actions with your desires and you are on your way to the dream life. If you think you can do it, you can. So do it, contact our Cambridge Fitness Center for more information about our weight loss programs and see the results when you stick to your plans!

The truth is that being overweight is unhealthy for your body and controlling what you eat and exercising will offer you the results that are healthy.

Health Risks that Increase when Overweight

  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Bad Cholesterol
  • Cancer
  • Sleep Apnea
  • There Are More…

A Healthy Diet & Exercise is the Path to Weight Loss Success

Though a higher number on the scale may sneak up on you, once you notice you’re going the wrong way you need to reevaluate your intake and activity level. It may not be realistic to get ‘high school skinny’ because, quite frankly, that may not be healthy but if you want  a healthy weight for your age, it is obtainable and our Cambridge Weightloss Trainers can help guide you. Maintaining a healthy weight with exercise and a healthy diet full of nutritious foods has its own benefits, some include increased energy, less health complications and a more ‘in-tuned’ mind and body.

Tips for Losing Weight

  • Hire a Personal Trainer – Do you have a deadline? Wedding, Doctors Appointment, Reunion or any date that you have set that you want to reach? Finding a personal trainer for weight loss will indeed fast track your results. We have personal trainers available for one-on-one classes, group exercise classes and many other options that can fit your budget, schedule and timeline.
  • Stay Hydrated – H2O speeds up your body’s metabolism and helps fill the body up. Stay healthy while you work out by hydrating and drink water before a meal or when you are hungry to eat less.
  • Know What you are Eating – 80% of the results you will see from healthy weight loss is from the diet you stick to. Be sure you know what your body needs a day and how you can successfully meet those needs. We can help you map out your body’s needs for the weight loss results you want to see!

Don’t forget to have fun too! Contact Total Fitness today and start your journey to a healthier you! Stop by our Cambridge, Minnesota Location or call 763-237-3245.

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