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Take off those extra pounds you gained over the Holidays!

There’s an ugly rumor that Americans gain 8-10 pounds during the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Thank goodness this is not true. In fact, research shows that during the holidays, Americans gain just 1-2 pounds on average. While this doesn’t sound like much, evidence shows that we don’t shed the annual poundage. So, in 5 years, two pounds becomes an extra ten!

Make 2012 Your Healthiest Year Yet!

Did you know that the # 1 New Year’s Resolution is to get fit or lose weight?

Take off those extra pounds from the Holidays!

The problem is most people start out with good intentions by joining a fitness studio or trying the latest fad diet, only to fail and give up by February 1st! That is incredibly sad for me and one of the major reasons why I stress nutrition and LIFESTYLE change.

Anyone can lose weight, but more importantly, we need to keep that weight off by learning new healthier lifestyle habits that we can do with success long-term. I am not talking perfection here – nor am I talking about giving up your favorite food forever (I am eating a big fat doughnut as I write)!! Take off those extra Holiday pounds.

Don’t become a statistic… make 2012 the healthiest, fittest, and most successful year yet!!!

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