TRX Suspension Training Gym MNTotal Fitness of Cambridge, MN, offers you a full range of wellness methods to make minor alterations, improvements or additions to your fitness plan. Our experienced fitness team offers a wide variety of fitness options to meet your needs including:

TRX Training Benefits

Total Fitness also offers what is known as TRX Training. TRX Training is an exciting new development in fitness training that involves suspension to enhance the effects of fitness training. The concept of TRX Training was developed by a former Navy SEAL. People who engage in TRX Training are suspended from ceiling cables above the floor of the Total Fitness center. Being suspended forces the participant to focus on balance when engaging in any of the various actions associated with TRX Training, which causes virtually every movement and exercise to become an exercise for your core. And that is in addition to the effort being put toward the actual exercise that you would be doing without suspension. In other words, suspension adds intensity to each exercise and forces you to combine that intensity with concentration on the exercise at hand

TRX suspension training not only adds intensity to your workout, it has the effect of increasing your metabolism during your workout. In turn, increasing your metabolism maximizes the effects of that workout and contributes to your long-term health and fitness by encouraging faster metabolism more generally.

Workouts With A Focus on Core Strengthening

TRX Training is an excellent choice for beginners and more experienced fitness seekers. By constantly engaging the core muscles, beginners not only get more bang for their buck, so to speak, they train the core muscles, which in turn helps to prevent injuries associated with traditional workout methods. One common mistake made by people who workout regularly is to engage their core muscles either inefficiently or not at all. But the core muscles are key to proper form, and when they are not engaged properly, other parts of the body are forced to bear the load, which can cause injuries.

But with TRX Training, the core muscles are forced to always be engaged. Engagement of the core muscles encourages, if not guarantees, that you will maintain proper form when doing exercises associated with TRX Training. TRX Training involves using your own body weight as the force you work against. Arguably the best part of TRX Training is that it has equally good effects for beginners and more experienced people.

Total Fitness of Cambridge, MN, wants you to feel your best and reap the benefits of your hard work to get and stay fit. For more information about TRX training or any of our other offerings, call 763-237-3245 today.

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