Fitness Center MNOur Fitness Classes are lead by certified instructors and there are classes available to join every day of the week. From Yoga to Contact Kickboxing, our Fitness Class Selection is extensive and our team is full of passion. Total Fitness is a Fitness Center that holds classes for the everyday person, especially for those who choose to take on exercising as a hobby and/or lifestyle choice.  We welcome you to drop into any of our classes for just a $10 fee, so no commitment needed.

Fall Fitness Schedule 2016

Fall Twin Cities Fitness Classes held at Total Fitness

  • Strengthening Classes – In these classes, we will focus on strengthening your muscles and core with a variety of different exercises, great when you aim for a cut and toned condition.
  • Cardio Fitness Classes – Our cardio class is designed to keep your heart rate at a healthy but elevated level for a constant and lengthened time. We incorporate Cardio Kickboxing, Tabata, HIIT(High-Intensity Interval Training) and many other interesting ways to keep your heart and cardiovascular muscles pumping strong.
  • Step Aerobics – Another great cardio workout is step aerobics. We offer step, drum and other exercise varieties that will keep you pumped.
  • Kickboxing – This is a non-contact cardio kickboxing class that utilizes the movements without actually boxing to help promote strength, burn calories and keep you limber. Check out our Contact Kickboxing Classes.
  • Yoga – We have a variety of yoga classes to choose from. Maybe you’re interested in stretch yoga, sculpting or restorative yoga… We have many Yoga Classes to choose from on many days of the week.

15 Instructor Lead Fitness Classes to Choose From Weekly!

Unlimited Fitness Classes in the Twin Cities $50 Monthly

Love what you’re reading? If you are thinking you’re going to go to more than five of our fifteen Weekly Fitness Classes within the next month, a membership will save you money. For the price of five classes, you could potentially attend more than 60 fitness classes, though there is no pressure to fit them all in, choose the Twin Cities Fitness Classes that spark your interest and have fun while you do something good for yourself.

Instructor Lead Fitness Classes

Our fitness trainers develop routines that change weekly for the classes they instruct. They make sure your workout is not only clear to follow but also fun to do. If you are looking to learn more types of exercises with the help of welcoming and experienced trainers then stop by our Twin Cities Fitness Center and meet with our passionate team that makes up Total Fitness for your first fitness class today.



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