Weight Loss Program MNWhen you feel good, it shows. One of the most universal tools used to pave that feeling of ‘good’ is exercise. Our Isanti County Fitness Center has many personal trainers specialized in all areas. Any class you take, at Total Fitness, can help you on your way to losing weight and for those that want to target weight loss with the most intensity our boot camps and personal trainers can help you on your way to feeling better and reaching your goals.

Weight Loss or Weight Gain it is your Choice

Make a mental picture of how it feels to gain weight….now, make a mental picture of what if feels like to lose weight. Sometimes, many focus on the immediate satisfaction of the delicious meal they pictured that was adding the pounds or the two-days worth of juicy twists during your marathon of Shameless. But what about after? When your body slows down and your energy levels lower to digest all the food you enjoyed tasting. Does that feel good? It can definitely make it an opportune time to extend your marathon… Now, picture you are leaving the gym. If you have been, you know the feeling. If it is anything like mine, I walk out the door feeling at least an inch taller, a few years younger and ready for what is next in my day. When all is said and done, what do you think really makes you FEEL better?

However, we know there can also be other factors that affect your weight such as; hormones, stress, lack of sleep, dehydration, thyroid issues, food sensitivities/allergies, a slowing metabolism and more. We do not overlook these factors and believe these factors should not lead you to overlook exercising. Because it can help each and every one!

The One Body You’ve Got

There is far more mystery in this world than any science fiction novel could ever think up but, one thing is for certain, this is your one body. At the beginning, it’s set on autopilot and your heart beats, blood pumps, and consciousness is born. But how you fuel your body is how it will run. DIET & EXERCISE are both critical components of weight loss. To focus on one without the other may lead you towards feeling discouraged. Total Fitness is here to help show you the most efficient and safest ways to lose the weight you want and feel the amazing benefits of it.

Exercise Benefits your Body from the Inside on Out!

  • Weight Control
  • Stress Level Reduction
  • Lower your chances of Cardio Vascular Disease
  • Speed up Metabolism
  • Reduce risk of Diabetes
  • Positive Boost in Mood
  • Relieve Depression & Anxiety
  • Increases Oxygen Flow to the Cells in your Body
  • Attention and Energy Levels Rise

We can’t name one bad thing about exercising! Can You?

Contact Total Wellness in Isanti County, Minnesota to start your exciting new journey towards not only weight loss but a healthier, happier feeling you! 763-237-3245.




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