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This is an opportunity for YOU to meet your local Homeopath, Naturopath, and a Wellness Coach, for seven (7) Thursday evening sessions of education and interaction!  We will each “host” two nights throughout this Spring 2012 Health Seminar and join together as a panel of health experts for the seventh session to answer questions and offer collaborative educational information!

Registration for this event, valued at over $800, is offered for $25 per person! Wow! What a deal!  You can pick up registration forms from Beth or Sheryl at WillowBridge Center (763-552-6161) or from Nicole at Total Fitness (763-237-3245).  Online registration forms are available at //

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Homeopathy treats both chronic and self-limiting health concerns. Occasionally, do you have self limiting concerns like indigestion from eating too many chocolates or thanksgiving dinner, mild attacks of what feels like food poisoning, or that extra glass of wine that makes your head ache?

You know you need to exercise .  .  . and sometimes the minor aches and pains that follow doesn’t motivate you to do it again! Those muscles aches respond well to homeopathic remedies. Don’t let the fear of ‘exercise-induced-pain’ keep you from getting fit!

” A Wellness Triple Boost” sessions will give you the remedy solutions you need for these concerns.  Gentle, effective care that you can use on babies, teens, adults and grampas. ~Classical Homeopathy

* * *

            “Eat this and make it a healthy part of your diet!” Advertisements like this can get us to buy into ideas that aren’t completely accurate and food labeling can confuse the truth, making it hard to know what is real and what isn’t.

            The truth, according to scientific testing and clinical studies, will be revealed at “A Wellness Triple Boost”. Find out how to know what’s the best food to eat, steps to improve your choices and where to find it. The most nutritious ways to make food, modify recipes, plan meals, and the importance and purpose of supplementation. ~Natural Health Design

* * *

            “When will I find time to exercise? I want to know why I’m supposed to get 30 minutes-a-day. Do I have to be “in shape” to go to a group fitness class? I’ll do it tomorrow.” Sound familiar?

            ‘Physical activity’ and ‘exercise’ are different! Our bodies are created to move. How can lack of physical activity (and the addition of simple movement) make a difference in daily life, body system function, state of mind (mood), or even sleep? Learn how to make small changes for significant results – at “A Wellness Triple Boost”. ~Total Fitness

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