Yoga Classes BrahamThere are many incredible benefits of yoga — increased flexibility, improved posture, increased strength and muscle tone, improved energy levels and cardiovascular health, stress relief, weight loss, improved athletic performance and even protection from injury. If you have never tried yoga, or have already found it to be your passion, Total Fitness has a yoga class for you. We can help you find just the right class for you.

Yoga Class Options, MN

Total Fitness is located on Main Street in Cambridge, MN, a convenient location for those in Braham, Bethel, East Bethel, and Ham Lake. We offer a wide variety of yoga classes including:

● Group Yoga Classes: Open to all fitness levels, these classes combine yoga with strength and cardiovascular training. With more than 25 group yoga classes offered each week, you will not have any trouble finding a time and a class that peaks your interest. Some of our most popular group yoga classes are Hatha Yoga, Yoga Core Fusion, Vinyasa Yoga and Gentle Yoga Strength.
● One on one yoga training: Ideal for those seeking an individualized approach to health and fitness, our fitness trainers will focus on your unique body type, goals and lifestyle. You may choose individual yoga training classes so that you can become more comfortable with yoga, to help you through an injury, or to accommodate a busy schedule.
● Partner Yoga: Partner yoga offers an opportunity to workout with someone you know and trust, but without a large group session. You can encourage each other, hold each other accountable and find time to get together and exercise at the same time.
● Guided Relaxation Classes: If your goal is relaxation, our team has a set of classes for you. Our guided relaxation classes focus on helping you finding calm and relaxation in your hectic life!
● New Classes Added Regularly: Total Fitness constantly strives to meet the fitness needs of our clients. We continue to add new classes to keep exercise new and fun.

Partner With Total Fitness to Achieve Your Goals

If you want to try yoga for the first time, or already have experience and are ready to push yourself to a new level, Total Fitness can meet your needs. Call us today at 763-237-3245 for more information about the various classes and/or schedule. We work to keep our rates competitive, offering plans that are tailored to what you think you will actually use!

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