Yoga Classes MNYoga may not look like exercise at first glance but looks can be deceiving. You may be thinking “Where are the weights? Elastics? Or Equipment?” but you don’t really need all that to get a good workout. Yoga has been known to not only work the body but also the mind and spirit of those who practice it. It’s a wonderful way to find a balance, do good things for your body and have some time for you. Total Fitness holds Yoga Classes in Minnesota every week!

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Yoga Classes at our Minnesota Fitness Center

If you are interested in taking an instructor-led yoga class at our MN fitness center, chances are you have seen someone personally enthralled about yoga, you have come to enjoy it yourself or want to learn more to see if it is something you’re interested in pursuing. Our Minnesota fitness center has weekly yoga classes designed for people of all levels – from beginner to expert.

What to Expect to Focus on in Yoga Class?

  • Breathing – Our instructors will help you continue to focus on your breathing by reminding you when to inhale and when to exhale. When first learning the poses it is easy to catch yourself holding your breath, with gentle reminders you’ll find breathing more rhythmic and energizing.
  • Posture -Tuck in the hips while in downward dog, be sure to have your hands shoulder length apart and aligned with your knees…these are some of the suggestions our yoga trainer may make for the class. Posture is an important aspect of reducing the risks of injury or strain.
  • Awareness – Yoga is centered around being fully aware of your body, breathing and movements. This is time you have to reflect on the present moment and be in the here and now. Awareness is also important when transitioning out of poses, this is where most injuries occur.
  • Balance – Lifting and holding one leg in the air is great for balance and not as easy and many people make it look. Practicing yoga can help you improve your balance and core and you will eventually make it look easy too!
  • Strength – Yoga strengthens and tones every muscle you use. With enough practice and a little professional instruction you could be holding some crazy yoga moves you always wanted to do but never thought possible.

Stop by to our fitness center to talk about a membership, register online or drop-in to any yoga or fitness class for $10!

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