Yoga Cambridge MNWhile many of us may stereo-typically categorize yoga as an exercise for women, more and more men are realizing the many benefits yoga can provide to all. Yoga can improve your core strength and flexibility and can also have other positive health benefits including strengthening your immunity, strengthening your mind/body connection which can help you withstand sugar cravings, increase energy levels and productivity, improve overall digestion, relieve stress, and even boost overall mental clarity. It is a great complementary exercise for men who are looking for something to add to their cardiovascular and weight training routines. Total Fitness of Cambridge, MN, offers a wide variety of yoga classes for men and women.

The team at Total Fitness can help you improve flexibility, strength and balance with our many yoga classes and programs including the following:

● Group Yoga classes offered daily including Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Core Fusion and more!

● One-on-one yoga training for those seeking an individualized approach. This can accommodate your busy schedule, help you develop confidence before joining core classes, or help you if you are recovering from an injury. This is also a great option for men who want to incorporate yoga into their current exercise regimen.

● Partner yoga: Bring a friend, spouse, or partner and our instructors will lead you in back-to-back balance poses, side-by-side standing poses, and backbends and forward folds. Connect with someone you love in these 1.5 hour long partner classes.

● Guided relaxation classes: These guided relaxation classes are two hours in length and help you focus on breathing, relaxation and overall well-being.

Achieve Your Personalized Fitness Goals

Total Fitness is a fitness center serving those in the Cambridge, MN and surrounding area. Our philosophy is to build a community that encourages exercise, wellness and promotes healthy habits, and does not focus on looking like movie stars. We believe that this philosophy promotes long term success. Our fitness professionals are trained and experienced working with a wide variety of individuals at all skill/experience levels and are committed to helping you individualize a workout routine that will work for your experience, skill level and interest.

Yoga can be an important component of your overall workout routine and our team can help you incorporate it into your current as well as a new exercise regimen. Now is a great time to get started! Call Total Fitness today at 762-237-3245 today!

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